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Business process outsourcing, or BPO, has long been a staple employer for the Filipino workforce. It has generated a lot of jobs and transferred funds from other countries into the Philippines, adding to the country’s GNP and overall growth. The BPO industry has traditionally been geared for North American and European clients since they have the resources to outsource some of the business processes. These resources are not just limited to the money they are paying for the employees, but also include IT infrastructure, access to paid business apps, and others that most Philippine companies don’t have.

The initial development

In more recent years, business process outsourcing companies have evolved to cater to more Asian clients, including those from the Philippines itself. Take the case of Philippine Airlines, the largest commercial airline in the Philippines. It was the first airline, and one of the first companies, in the Philippines to have its own call center. This contact center is manned by an all Filipino team, capable of interacting with customers in Filipino and English. Then many of the smaller airlines followed suit, imitating the business model laid down by Philippine Airlines. As a result, much of the booking, canceling and other processes involving passenger flights are now routed to a team of specialized agents able to make the experience a lot better than before.

Recent expansion

More and more businesses are becoming aware of the advantages offered by BPO companies. Years of experience have given BPO companies and individuals the necessary knowledge to be able to adapt their company to practically any requirement by their client. This is how outsourcing expanded to the likes of loan companies. These loan companies typically go for business administration outsourcing, like records management, contract administration, and compliance and risk management. Most telcos have now discarded in-house teams of IT and communications specialists in favor of hiring IT outsourcing companies in the Philippines, which presumably cut down costs and lowered operating expenses.


There is evidence that suggests that outsourcing can expand further in the future. With technology making communications and data management better, it is very likely that businesses in the Philippines will follow the global trend and outsource the processes that slow them down or those that create more expenses. And outsourcing companies should keep up with this trend.

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