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The Philippines is the outsourcing capital of the world and finding the best outsourcing companies in the Philippines can be a bit tricky. Not only are these companies a dime a dozen in the country, but the added pressure of hiring the right company right off the bat is also making the decision that much more difficult. Luckily, there are several indicators that the company you are dealing with is the perfect outsourcing firm for you.

Look for companies that specialize in the tasks that slow down your operations

A lot of Philippine outsourcing companies cater to those businesses that need customer service with voice, email, and chat options available. These are perfect for companies that lack employees specially trained in customer service or don’t want to dole out extra cash for training and maintaining a customer service call center. Some specialize in back-office tasks for real estate, insurance, and law practices. Still, others employ writers and specialists to do SEO for their clients. Offshore staffing can be a pain, but sometimes you just need to take a look at the experience the company has in the service that you want to hire them for.

Examine the company’s portfolio

Almost all of these companies are owned, managed or are manned by people who already have worked on the task you want to outsource. Inspect the work done by the relevant people, the success of the campaign, and references from previous clients. They can give you unique and useful insight into how the company operates and their best practices so you can make the decision that much easier.

Know-how of how the outsourcing industry works

This can come in handy. Industry knowledge, in this case, is not limited to higher management or executive knowledge. Sometimes, the best outsourcing company for your business needs is the one owned by a former employee, as the owner will have an idea on how to coax the best out of the employees. Properly motivated workers produce better, more accurate work quicker than those who are simply motivated by money. This reduces errors and resolution time for issues in operations, which can save you a lot of money, and retain old customers and gain new ones.

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